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Understanding VoLTE Interconnect

The benefits of LTE are endless, but the ability to handle greater data amounts, along with signaling and overall faster speeds, has encouraged the development applications and services that take advantage of these enhanced capabilities. Consequently, the challenges mobile operators face  are numerous and have direct implications on their future success. But as major operators begin to roll out VoLTE services around the world, other operators are asking themselves this:

  • Why should we consider VoLTE services?
  • What are the infrastructure requirements?
  • What about IMS and SIP? Session and policy control? Number mapping?
  • Are we ready for this new stage of technological evolution?

Syniverse has been helping companies embrace mobile revolutions for the last 30 years, and with our unrivaled global reach, we continue to empower companies with solutions that put them ahead of the pack.

Download our guide, Understanding VoLTE Interconnect, where these questions and more are addressed.

Learn What Is Needed to Support VoLTE Interconnect Services

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