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VoLTE Charging and Clearing Explained Guide

Are you ready for a new world of voice services? VoLTE is a revolution rapidly transforming the mobile world and bringing with it a multitude of new opportunities and challenges. To unlock the next-generation services that VoLTE promises, operators will soon have to confront these changes:

  • New procedures for charging and clearing, with both subscribers and roaming partners..
  • The differentiating of charging based on quality-of-service class identifier (QCI) values..
  • The advantages and challenges of S8HR and local breakout charging models.
  • New accounting flows in both S8HR and local breakout architectures.

Syniverse is a leader in preparing operators to make the move to VoLTE, and we’ve just put our top lessons and best practices in a new series of guides. Our latest guide covers an area of VoLTE integration that operators must get right to be successful – charging and clearing.

Download “VoLTE Charging and Clearing Explained” now to access our guide and take the next step in the VoLTE revolution

Learn About Technical and Process Changes for Charging in VoLTE

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