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Connect and safeguard your business in the age of digital transformation

Syniverse Secure Global Access delivers a global, private network to protect your mission-critical systems and data.

The public internet was not designed to be a secure environment.

Every day, malware, ransomware, data theft, breaches, hacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are just some of the serious rising threats that undermine the ability of the internet to underpin countless billions of daily sensitive business exchanges.

Companies moving into cloud and virtualized environments increasingly need to be able to move data and services in a private, secure manner, especially as the average cost of a single breach will exceed $150 million by 2020, according to Juniper Research.

Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private network providing the foundation for businesses to reliably safeguard mission-critical data in the age of digital transformation, is the answer.

Specifically, our network enables service providers and businesses to:

  • Support scale and interoperability for IoT devices
  • Deliver flexible communications policy, advanced security and device behavioral analytics
  • Ensure enterprise application access via a secure, integrated mobility path
  • Provide direct secure access to cloud-based enterprise applications
  • Improve service reliability, security and performance

Businesses directly connected to Syniverse Secure Global Access gain privacy and security that are not available through the public internet. Moreover, it provides secure connectivity to mobile operators and 7+ billion devices across nearly 200 countries and territories.

This connectivity is increasingly critical, especially as businesses capture new IoT opportunities and take advantage of new technologies like 5G and blockchain.

Building on our legacy of operating private, global networks that interconnect the mobile ecosystem, the launch of Syniverse Secure Global Access as a private, trusted, global network is the beginning of a new era of secure network solutions that Syniverse will offer to businesses and incorporates:

  • Cloud connectivity
  • Advanced policy-based network
  • Analytics

Contact us today to learn more about Syniverse Secure Global Access and how it can help your business deliver and safeguard mission-critical data in the age of digital transformation.

A New Global Platform Designed for Security and Privacy

In this video, John Wick, SVP and GM of Mobile Transaction Services, discusses the threat the public internet poses to the mission-critical systems and data of businesses and service providers, and how Syniverse Secure Global Access addresses the threat.

Learn More about Syniverse Secure Global Access

Rising cyber intrusions mean accessing the public internet only guarantees a systemic risk of business interruption. Network solutions that isolate businesses from the public internet are needed to ensure business continuity and availability. Click here to download the product sheet. 

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