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Get the E-Book – Optimize Your Customer’s Mobile Journey Through Cross-Channel Engagement

Thanks to mobile, consumers have never been as always on and always connected as they are right now. But many brands are missing out on the huge revenue and loyalty opportunities that mobile has opened simply because they’ve placed their biggest mobile bet on the app. Just consider these app challenges:

  • Up to 90 percent of apps are used once and then abandoned or deleted.
  • Consumers spend over 85 percent of their time with just five apps.
  • Apps can cost over $500,000 to create and 20 percent of that in annual upkeep.

Syniverse is a mobile leader in helping brands put their money where their customers are, and we’ve just put our top lessons and best practices into a new e-book – “Your App Isn’t Enough: Battling the Cost of Vanishing App Users with Cross-Channel Engagement.” This guide presents a series of use cases to show you how to break through the hundreds of marketing messages that consumers receive each day so you can activate, engage and re-engage your customers during their unique journey with your brand.

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