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Data service access is critical for today’s mobile-empowered, always-on world. Wi-Fi  has a significant part to play in this process, but Wi-Fi for everyone seems a long way off. Unlike access to mobile data services, seamless Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t yet a reality.

Providers of Wi-Fi are set to almost double the number of public hotspots by 2021. So unsurprisingly they are very keen to elevate the role of Wi-Fi in satisfying demand for subscriber data services as well as the contribution it makes in the IoT world.

But providers of Wi-Fi are set to almost double the number of public hotspots by 2021. And, not surprisingly, they’re focused on elevating the role of Wi-Fi in satisfying demand for subscriber data services, as well Wi-Fi-based IoT solutions.

For Wi-Fi Providers

  • Puts your offer in a global store front to maximize exposure and drive up revenues.
  • The above is particularly important for unlocking new IoT revenue channels.
  • Centralizes your planning and decision-making activities to make it easier, cheaper, and faster to create relationships.
  • Empowers finance and purchasing departments by giving them a modern sourcing model that will shorten procurement processes and decrease costs.
  • Enables lower acquisition and usage costs for investing in extended coverage.

For Wi-Fi Buyers

  • Mobile Marketplace brings an unprecedented efficiency and nimbleness to buying which will dramatically decrease time to market.
  • It enables you to use the popularity of Wi-Fi to incentivize and retain customers.
  • You can churn out global propositions tomorrow based on the power of globally available Wi-Fi.
  • Facilitates the discovery of Wi-Fi coverage providers, making it faster to find the right partner and establish a relationship.
  • Provides a channel for access to previously unknown Wi-Fi suppliers.
  • Provides a one stop shop for Wi-Fi business (from sourcing to connection to financial settlement to business intelligence and analytics).

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