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Why Quality Message Delivery is Crucial

Download our new guide, “Not All Text Messaging Providers Are Created Equal,” to discover the six key questions you should ask any provider before choosing them to run your campaigns. Your customers’ experiences depend on it.

Subscriber Visibility Is Key to Your Success

You can control the services your subscribers enjoy on their home network, but what about when they’re roaming? By using our solution, Total Visibility, you’ll gain the intelligence to remedy roaming problems in real time, and ensure delivery of your brand promise no matter where your subscribers are.  

Activating the Silent Roamer

New industry data reveals that the insatiable consumer appetite for mobile services in the domestic marketplace is still not fully translating into increased business in roaming markets abroad. As a result, operators are missing out on an untapped market worth $6 billion. Our newest case study offers insights into this untapped roaming market

Improve Quality of Experience with IPX

mobile network quality of service

With the continued explosion in the use of mobile devices along with a surge in global travel and rise in customer expectations, it’s critical to deliver the highest level of quality of service in mobile networks. To do this, it’s essential to understand the impact and elements of quality of service (QoS) that will help to ensure you are enriching the customer experience.

Request a sample phone number database assessment

phone number verification

According to 3rd party data, the average cost per incorrect contact record is $100. This is due to increased calls to customer service, wasted campaign spend, increased privacy law risk and much more.

Guide: Your App Is Not Enough

You have to put your money where your customers are. And it’s not with your app. In order to effectively engage all of your customers with relevant content during their path-to-purchase, it’s crucial that you reach beyond your app and weave multiple mobile channels into your customer’s journey.

Guide to Understanding VoLTE Interconnect


As the mobile world has concluded, the benefits of LTE are endless, but the ability to handle greater data
amounts, along with signaling and overall faster speeds, has created a prime structure for the generation and
development of supportive applications and services that continue to take advantage of these enhanced

The World is Connected – Are Your Customers?

Download our latest research on customers’ evolving mobile expectations including: Statistics on poor experiences and the impact of churn; hat leading providers are offering their users to stay ahead; and how putting the customer experience first improves your business


Guide to Wi-Fi Roaming Wholesale Success

Statistics point to skyrocketing growth in both the supply and demand for Wi-Fi, as mobile operators see it playing a pivotal role in the provision of IoT services. So why is Wi-Fi still falling short of its potential? There is one simple reason – the complexity of wholesaling. Syniverse has the answer to this problem with our Mobile Marketplace platform. 

Send More Intelligent Communications

You must stay relevant to your customers to remain competitive, and that means shifting your focus to crafting hyper-personalized messages. In our new e-book, “Get Intelligent with Your Mobile Communications,” we’ll walk through a range of tools to enhance your mobile strategy.

Driving Growth in the Age of Digital Transformation

Break down the silos in your organization to create a single view of your customer. Our new infographic, “Hyper-Relevancy: Driving Growth in the Age of Digital Transformation,” breaks down the critical steps you should take to successfully execute on a holistic mobile strategy.

A Deeper Dive into Quality

It is essential that IPX providers adhere to service level agreement commitments on the IPX network that relate to network delay, jitter, packet loss rate, throughput and availability. Download our white paper to learn more.

Is Your Network Truly Global? Your Customers Think It Is

global network roaming syniverse

Opportunities to truly differentiate your offering and deliver lasting subscriber engagement are hard to pull off. In our new e-book, we’re sharing tips on how you can not only realize this goal, but also increase revenue and reduce costs.

Syniverse Ranks No. 1 in ROCCO’s Latest IPX Networks Vendor Performance Report

IPX Rocco

The number of connected devices in the world will grow to 25.6 billion by 2020 – but are you confident your IPX can support this?

Download a Guide to Mitigating TCPA Liability

phone number verification

To further explain the importance of identifying the bad mobile phone numbers in your CRM database, we have created a guide that highlights our insights.

Guide to VoLTE Charging & Clearing Explained

Are you ready for a new world of voice services? VoLTE is a revolution rapidly transforming the mobile world and bringing with it a multitude of new opportunities and challenges. To unlock the next-generation services that VoLTE promises, operators will soon have to confront these changes.

Syniverse Secure Global Access Network

Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private network providing the foundation for businesses to reliably safeguard mission-critical data in the age of digital transformation. 

Juniper Research: Syniverse Leads All in A2P

In its recent A2P messaging report, Juniper Research rated Syniverse “highly” or “very highly” across its 10 different categories – the highest score of all vendors assessed in the report. 

Learn more about how we can help support your text messaging use cases today.

Financial Fraud Alerts: No Opt-In Required

Fraud is becoming more rampant and complex than ever – but that doesn’t mean it has to affect your customers or business. Our latest case study will help you learn how to better protect your customers with the power of a real-time, two-way transaction verification program using intelligent mobile messaging.

Mobile Wallet: The Untapped Mobile Marketing Channel

mobile wallet guide

One brand using our mobile marketing platform earned $6.5 million in sales from one five-week mobile wallet campaign!

Quality - Your Success Depends on It

To build and retain subscribers while maximizing average revenue per user (ARPU), mobile service providers need to offer differentiated service packages based on specific user wants and needs. Take the next steps by downloading our new e-book.

Juniper Research Named Syniverse No. 1 in Roaming

Juniper roaming

In its recent Mobile Roaming report, Juniper rated Syniverse “highly” or “very highly” across its 10 different measures – the best performance of any vendor in the report.

Monetize Roaming and Retain High-Value Subscribers


Not only do your subscribers expect the same quality of LTE experience they get at home when they travel, but these roaming subscribers are also likely to be your most profitable customers.

Guide To Understanding VoLTE Roaming

The shift is staggering. In just five years, VoLTE subscriptions are forecast to hit 3 billion and represent 60 percent of all LTE subscriptions. VoLTE is truly a revolution that has arrived, and operators without a strategy to integrate its innovative voice services will soon face these challenges.